Meet The Team

Here it is ... just what you've been looking for! So who are you working with on your web initiatives here at Sevenpixels? Here's a quick pass down the virtual aisle to show you the team behind the curtain making the magic happen. We have been at the web game for almost 15 years and don't see ever leaving this fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting scene. Check out the team's profiles and be sure to contact any one of them, should you have any questions whatsoever!

Donnie La Curan

Donnie has been into technology and the web for as long as he can remember. He loves to dive-in & discover all of the latest gadgets around. Web design is a hobby for him which makes it the perfect job, so he gets to do what he enjoys and live out the hobbyist dream. Donnie's been developing web sites since 2000 and loves the challenges that come with staying up to date with the latest & greatest in the industry.

Tim Beggs

Tim has been a lifelong reader & writer, with focus mostly upon automobilia, but has ventured to content ranging from toy reviews to fly fishing. With a keen eye and SEO in mind, he can bring pleasing content to the forefront within a very short amount of time. Specifically, Tim's been writing and editing online content & media since 2005, with such product sites as,,, and many others.

Mike Raburn

Michael has been designing and consulting on web properties since 1998. He specializes in the user experience on the web. He currently owns several media and retail web properties and consults daily with other clients in the areas of current and useful web content and SEO (search engine optimization).