Google AdWords Promo Code

Google has given Sevenpixels some promo codes to hand out. When you spend $50 on AdWords, Google will add a $100 advertising credit to your account. The promo code is only available to new AdWords accounts. Sounds great right? But it gets even better.

Not only will you get this promo code when you sign up with Sevenpixels to help advertise, but you will get personal assistance from Sevenpixels and Google in creating your campaigns and optimizing them. There are hundreds of features that can be used to increase your ROI.

Before your campaigns go live, Sevenpixels will sit down with our personal rep from Google to make sure everything is optimized. Both Sevenpixels and Google will monitor your campaign and make any changes needed to further optimize it.

So how do you get your hands on one of these promo codes? That's easy, contact Sevenpixels and we can start discussing your campaign goals and get things set up.

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