Our Services

Web Design

Sevenpixels offers supreme value with customized solutions for new businesses, established companies, as well as the driven individual. We can also provide tailored PHP programming solutions, e-commerce websites, custom images & graphics, web content management solutions, credit card processing, domain names, and complete website hosting. These are but a few of our many professional services.

Web Hosting

Sevenpixels is dedicated to having your website operational AND functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No questions about it — we pride our quality efforts and wish to share our desire for perfection with each and every single client. State of the art equipment, software, and expertise are within grasp when Sevenpixels is tasked with a project. We aim to take the stress of the workload from clients and provide them with a safe, reliable, and care-free interface to the Internet.

Site Maintenance

Sevenpixels has a multitude of experience with website infrastructure, from the ground up. With this experienced knowledge, we have the capacity to address regular routine maintenance and updates that are required for your site(s) to maintain a cutting edge to separate it from the competition. Every machine requires attention to run smoothly and we are here to make sure everything continues to run efficiently with a minimal amount of your attention.

Site Monetization

Sevenpixels knows that the reason many of us get up in the morning is to earn coin and put food on the table & shoes on our feet. What better way than to let us help you monetize your web presence than to let simple advertising make you money while you sit back and watch.

Online Advertising

Sevenpixels is able to help you target not just what you have for content in your web presence, but to broadcast what your offerings can produce and how it can benefit others. To further sweeten the deal, any brand new AdWords accounts will be provided with $100 credit after an initial $25 investment.


Sevenpixels understands that simple is only beaten by one attribute in this complicated world: free. The open-source content management system (CMS) known as WordPress offers a multitude of features, customizations, and reliability. We can create a WordPress blog for you and assist in the development of a customized blog template. Blogs are one of the many solutions we can coach you with in order for you to connect and effectively communicate with your potential customers, vendors, and every other visitor we help attract to your site. We can get your organization started, focused, and not just publishing content, but owning it.

Social Media Consultant

Sevenpixels can help create an online community for your company. We can run your social media campaign for you or teach you how to do it. Whether or not you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, we'll get you headed in the right direction helping turn users into clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Sevenpixels knows that websites must be formed on a solid foundation in order to achieve the goal of being truly search engine friendly. We know that making an existing website search engine friendly can be challenging and can cost you more than if it was properly designed in the first place. The framework and design of a site to be optimized for indexing by search engines should be done while planning the other two major factors of websites – design and marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting the exposure to your site from the right source, at the right time. Tenets of SEO, when executed correctly, will intrigue & invite visitors and potential customers from around the globe to your presence online. This concept unfolds a new chapter in growth not normally achievable when using only conventional promotional advertising methods.


Sevenpixels has comprehensive experience in designing and constructing e-commerce stores as well as leading businesses to assert themselves in the e-business marketplace quickly, safely, and profitably. With our expertise, an e-commerce system will let you generate revenue from your web site 24-hours a day. Additionally, you will enjoy unrivaled security when it comes to protecting your transactions, managing your inventory, adding, editing, and removing products, let alone merely accepting credit cards as legal tender.


Sevenpixels has installed, administered, and participated in the famous community building forum product best known as XenForo. This world-class software package is rich with robust features and Sevenpixels is along for the ride to provide professional services in order for your community to not only begin, but to blossom as well.